We believe that humans are kind in nature. We support diversity, groundbreaking ideas and the progressive revolution.

We see freedom as the right to live and act the way one chooses, as long as it does not impact others negatively.

We embrace diversity of opinion.


We don’t want to miss anything that’s important.

We project onto our products ideas and images that we came upon or might come across in our lives.

We try to be observant of the present.

We like to work with artists and people demonstrating a progressive approach to the world.

We want our brand to be a medium used to communicate values, important questions, concerns and joys – anything, that’s important.


We care about freedom just like you do.

Love Off is a brand for people who love others as they are, people who do not inflict their views on others. It’s a brand for people who are proud of who they are, and who are not afraid to show themselves – sometimes boldly.

You must take care of your freedom (especially if you’re young), sometimes fight for it. To make sure it’s not taken away from you, you have to dissent.

It’s a negation full of emotions, and full of humanism at the same time.


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