Barry Gilarski

I’ve always believed that artists should look good. I am a streetwear freak, passionate about constant progress, living and breathing dance, so my Instagram is filled with content related to those things. A lot of travelling – both in and out of the country. Convenience and comfort are the basics, but the quality of clothes I wear is key. The way I dress is a reflection of my feelings and life and that’s how I express myself. I encourage you to be completely free. Let’s be ourselves!

Adrianna OmietaŃska

Hi, I’m Ada! I work in the media, and in my spare time I love cooking. I like to combine non-obvious flavors, something that’s also reflected in the way I dress. Streetwear, unlike other styles, has no rules. And it does not take away my femininity, which I like to emphasize. “A woman’s mind changes easily” – so does my Instagram. There, you can find anything, from cooking, music and photography inspirations, to current news from the country.

Łukasz Banach

I’m Łukasz but everyone calls me Banach. I have a YouTube channel where I upload videos about technology. For some time now I have also been into running a profile on Instagram. What brings me to the street life? Mostly comfort of wear. I can’t imagine sporting a buttoned-up shirt paired with a tie every day. I definitely prefer a loose colored sweatshirt or interesting pants over that. And a hat. Life’s not complete without a hat!

Maksymilian Adamczyk

8/17 – which means I’ve been swimming for half of my life. Despite many ups and downs, this sport is my greatest passion and I associate my future with it. I also enjoy other sports: football, running, cycling. I’m also into photography, computer graphics, and streetwear styling. Of course, like every teenager out there, I like listening to music, meeting people and simply gaming.

tomasz dąbrowski

My passions include fashion and photography. When it comes to clothes, there are no compromises: I only wear what I feel good in. I am particularly interested in streetwear – you can find many of my outfits on my Instagram.

Working in social media brings me a lot of joy and I fulfill myself there.

I have been into sports since I was little. I played football as a child, now I switched to athletics, something I am successful in. For 2 years, I have been developing myself strongly in the field of streetwear. I love choosing clothes, and during various drops I am able to meet a huge number of interesting people in different places. I spend most of my free time listening to music and watching movies about the icons of the musical world. I love meeting new people and traveling when I have time.

Kuba Barcik

Od małego jestem związany ze sportem. Jako dziecko grałem w piłkę, teraz przerzuciłem się na lekkoatletykę, w której odnoszę sukcesy. Od 2 lat mocno rozwijam się w zakresie streetwear – uwielbiam dobierać ubrania, a przy okazji różnych dropów poznaję olbrzymią ilość interesujących miejsc oraz osób. Większość wolnego czasu poświęcam na słuchaniu muzyki i oglądaniu filmów o ikonach muzycznego świata. Uwielbiam poznawać nowych ludzi, a gdy mam więcej czasu – podróżować.


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